movie theater in richmondbeautiful building art in Jaipur

4 Most Amazing Movie Theaters to Visit Around the World

You’ve probably been to your local movie theater several times throughout the years, but what about the beautiful theaters located around the world? You can visit a local movie theater in richmond or you can choose to explore some of the most beautiful theaters in the world. The beauty and wonder inspired by these buildings shows the magic behind film and performance.

Alamo Drafthouse in Texas

The Alamo Drafthouse sets itself apart from other movie theaters by being sort of like the cool Uncle at your family reunion. There are a bunch of events that you can participate in before or after viewing a movie you love. One of the best parts is that they have super strict policies to cut out annoyance while viewing films, such as:

–    No children under 6 years old

–    No cell phones

–    No talking

–    No movie ads

Everything they do is to make your experience better than it would be at a typical theater. For a no-frills movie night adventure, head on down to Texas and find yourself a seat in the Alamo Drafthouse.

movie theater in richmondbeautiful building art in Jaipur

Rajmandir Theatre in India

For a large dose of Bollywood, this theater is perfect. The national anthem is played at the beginning of the movie and seats are luxurious. You can watch amazing Hindi films and enjoy the beautiful building art in Jaipur. The theater opened in 1976, and since then has grown to fit more than 1,000 people – however, you should buy tickets in advance because seats fill up fast.

Kino International in Berlin

For a more historical setting for watching films, the Kino International is one place you should visit. It is a theater surrounded by historical landmarks that have gotten heritage status, meaning that they cannot be altered at all. You can find lots of movie premiers, parties, and festivals going on in this theater, so there is never a dull moment at the Kino or the area surrounding it. You not only get to see films in a historical building, you get to see blocks of other buildings with the same status and colorful histories.

4DX Seoul, South Korea

If you’ve been impressed by 3D movies, then you’re in for a big surprise when you experience the world of 4D cinematography. 4DX has proclaimed itself the first 4D move theater, so you can enjoy your movie and feel the motion on the screen as well as your seat. There are even aromas released to put you in the scene yourself, adding an entirely new depth to the art of watching films. There are 14 theaters in Korea, so make it a plan to visit and get an amazing 4D experience.

Movies are constantly evolving and changing, so it’s great that there are amazing theaters around the world where you can watch films in comfort and luxury. Movies were meant to be experienced, so visit a theater and get ready for a movie experience you’ll never forget.