near shore fishing ponte vedra

Tips for Successful Bank Fishing

A lot of people choose to do their fishing on a boat, but that’s not the only way to fish. If you don’t have a boat, or if you prefer the simplicity of near shore fishing ponte vedra, you can become a better angler and catch more fish with these tips for a successful day on the water.

Walk Around

You shouldn’t start casting the line immediately after arriving to a fishing spot. Instead, take your time to walk around a bit and assess the water. Get a picture of the layout of the area and come up with a strategy to catch the most fish. By assessing the area and creating a plan, you can be productive in your endeavors and allow you to reel in some nice fish.

Keep It Low

Since there is not much cover when fishing on the shore, your silhouette can give you away and cause fish to flee. Tyr hiding your profile be keeping the body low or standing next to a clump of trees or grass, making it more difficult for fish to see you. When the sun is out, keep your shadow from hitting the water.

Practice Parallel Casting

near shore fishing ponte vedra

In practice, many people will cast their line as far to the middle of the water as possible. This may be fine when on a boat, but near the shore it could cost you some fish. Instead, try casting near the shore, as more fish will be in this general area. Try to cast your line parallel to the bank so that you remain in the fishy area.

Fishing on a boat is a bit different than fishing on shore, but it’s still rewarding and can be a lot of fun. With these tips, you can catch more fish and have an easier time out on the water.

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