New York city cabaret

What Makes a Cabaret so Cool?

Well, a cabaret is a venue where people perform music, poetry, spoken word, dance, and dramas. The Cabaret is an interesting term for most people, as it’s not quite as formal or as structured as a traditional theater. It started in France, and the word cabaret actually means ‘small room’ going back to the origins of a bunch of performers gathering in someone’s home and putting on shows for one another.

Most of the New York city cabaret companies treat their audience the same way, by having the place where they perform be small and close to the audience. The audience will be able to eat, relax, and just enjoy whatever happens on stage. That’s part of the magic of a cabaret, where you simply get to come as you are and just watch a show. It almost has the same vibe as sitting down at someone’s house and watching a movie.

You aren’t dressing up for a formal dinner and a show, and you aren’t watching the performance on a stage several dozen feet away from you. Instead, you are experiencing the show and letting the performers take you with them on whatever journey they are going on. The food is great, and you can find some real hidden gems at most cabarets.

New York city cabaret

Unlike a play or theater production, where the show will go on no matter how many audience members are there or not, a cabaret requires intimacy and a direct connection between the performer and the people watching. What happens truly depends on who is in the room, and it’s really cool to watch the performance night after night because they won’t be the same.

There are countless cabarets out there, from Paris to the New York city cabaret, so take a look and see what you can find. It’ll be worth it.

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